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How to Use Our Hand Sanitizer

How to Use Our Hand Sanitizer

A Step by Step Guide

Here at Lightning Spirits in Petaluma, we make an 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help the people in our community stay safe during this trying period. Our company hasn't always made sanitizer; we used to produce high-quality vodka and other spirits. When the federal government asked us to try and help out during this crisis, we were ready to answer the call.

We follow the recipe given to us by the World Health Organization. This recipe is proven to kill viruses and bacteria on any surface, including your hands. We have special permission to make it from the federal government. It is a safe, effective, and reliable hand sanitizer made by a local bay area business.

How to Use Lightning Spirits 80% Ethanol-based Hand Sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer should only be used when hand washing is not available or in combination with proper hand washing techniques. Please remember to properly wash your hands whenever possible.

Because we made spirits before we pivoted to hand sanitizer, our bottles are screw top and refill bottles only. We are working on finding other bottling techniques. But our locally made hand sanitizer is ready to use right out of the bottle.


If you haven't rebottled your bay area produced hand sanitizer yet, then it can be a bit tricky to get the right amount. Be prepared for spillage. Do not use our ethanol-based hand sanitizer over anything that could get damaged.


If you are sanitizing just your hands, then a teaspoon of liquid is enough. Make sure you spread the hand sanitizer to all of your hands, including the backs. Pay close attention to your nail beds.

  1. Place the liquid into the palm of one hand.

  2. Rub your hands together.

  3. Spread the product over the surface of your hands as well as your fingers.

  4. Continue until your hands are dry.

A second option is to thoroughly saturate a clean cloth or paper towel With sanitizer and use that to wipe your hands and anything else that may need attention.


Because our hand sanitizer is 80% ethanol, it will dry rapidly. Be sure your hands are thoroughly dry before doing anything else.

Can You Rebottle?

If you wish to place Lightning Spirits ethanol-based hand sanitizer into another container for easier access, please make sure that the bottle is sterile and airtight.

If your bottle isn't airtight, the sanitizer may evaporate due to its high ethanol content. Please do not use sanitizer that has been left open; it may lose its potency.

Rebottle it into a spray bottle or squeeze bottle for more accessible applications. An empty liquid soap dispenser with a pump makes for faster and less contact application.

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